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How To Control The Quality of Resin Composite Manhole Cover

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Resin composite manhole covers are widely used, so its quality is crucial. How to control the quality of the resin composite manhole cover, here is the best resin resin manhole cover manufacturer and everyone to briefly understand how to achieve the quality control of the resin composite manhole cover.
1. Raw material check
The inspection of steel materials used in resin composite manhole covers is the first step in the factory. It determines the final forming and performance of resin composite manhole covers. Our company has strict quality inspection standards and selects excellent materials to ensure the performance and quality of field frequency. , Strict entry system of raw materials, all used sand, stone and steel bars must be qualified. Mix the concrete in strict accordance with the mixing ratio approved by the test engineer. According to the theoretical mix ratio, determine the operation mix ratio of each coil, and make corresponding measuring tools, accurate weighing, and its deviation meets the requirements of the specification. At the same time, the construction is listed, and the concrete operation mix ratio is marked for inspection and supervision.
2. Strictly control the production and design links
According to the production standard of resin composite manhole cover, there must be no errors. Continuously introduce domestic advanced production equipment and production technology, improve the quality of existing resin composite manhole cover products, and strive to develop new products. And according to market needs, a detailed product development process has been formulated to ensure that new product development is completed in a relatively short period of time.
3. Do the factory inspection of the finished products. After our finished products are completed, there will be quality inspectors to perform quality inspection to check whether the products are standardized. If the products are not qualified, it should be noted that the test engineer will A group of test specimens were randomly selected and a concrete test specimen curing pond was constructed at the construction site. The specimens were cured here before being sent to the testing laboratory. The testing laboratory did the compressive strength test and determinedly destroyed the unqualified manhole cover.
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