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Composite Inspection Cover With Antiflaming And Longer Service

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Classification of manhole cover
According to the technical characteristics of pipeline engineering, in order to meet the requirements of equipment installation, daily maintenance and repair, inspection wells are set at a certain distance along the direction of pipeline laying.
Manhole covers (commonly referred to as manhole covers and various underground pipeline manhole covers and gutter grates) are the main supporting products of manhole, whose functions are bearing, sealing and opening
The inspection cover can not only withstand the high-speed driving of traffic vehicles with large flow, but also prevent the entry of vehicles, pedestrians and foreign matters, so as to ensure the normal operation of underground pipelines and equipment.
According to the type of pipeline: rainwater, sewage, water supply, gas, hot gas, power supply, communication, cable TV, traffic signal line, etc. this type of well cover is mostly set in road engineering
Underground pipeline type.
composite round manhole cover
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