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Economic Value of Resin Well Cover

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By using high-performance resin, glass fiber and special production process formula, the resin well cover ensures the penetration of resin in glass fiber, greatly enhances the adhesive force of the two, so that the material does not produce internal damage under the cyclic load, thus ensuring the service life of the product and the same superiority of other resin composite well cover. The bottom of the resin well cover adopts a special pot bottom structure, which increases the stress area by ten times or even dozens of times. According to the needs of high-end customers, the resin well cover can make a personalized design of complex logo and multiple colors on the same well cover surface, so that the pattern is delicate and the color is bright. Distinct. Resin well covers are corrosion-resistant and harmless. The product of resin well cover does not slip, has no harsh noise and backlash after the car is rolled. At the same time, due to the light weight of the product and the precision of the cover and seat buckle, it overcomes the problems of "jumping, seeping, ringing and shifting" of other manhole covers. The resin manhole covers are of good quality and low price, and will be applied to all kinds of high-end residences, communities, squares and pedestrian commercial streets in the future.
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For the composite well cover with continuous glass fiber as reinforcement material, because the bottom structure of the pot is adopted in the structure, the material is uniformly stressed, and continuous fiber is used for reinforcement, without reinforcement, and the material is composite material. The bearing capacity and later bearing capacity of the well cover are guaranteed, and the bearing capacity of the well cover is dependent. The appearance of composite well cover has brought great changes and influences to urban life. It not only has the basic functions of other well covers, but also has many new and practical new functions. The composite well cover can stand on its feet in today's society, which shows that it is recognized by the public at present, because it is recognized, it may have greater surprises and influences. With the promotion of urban construction, public facilities are gradually extended to the underground, water, telecommunications, electricity, gas, heat, fire, sanitation and other public facilities need to install well covers. In recent years, the research and work of composite well cap have made remarkable achievements, but there are also many problems worthy of attention. The composite silicon plastic well cover is made of high polymer composite materials, with steel bars as the main internal framework, and is produced by high temperature molding. Its strength can bear 50 tons of weight. 2. The composite silicon plastic well cover is light in weight, convenient for transportation and installation, and can greatly reduce labor intensity. The new resin well cover has a good anti-theft performance, because the synthetic materials have no recycling value.
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