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Brief Introduction of New Type Gas Station Manhole Cover Specification

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A new type of gas station manhole cover developed to improve its service life and economic and social benefits
1. Light weight, the weight of the well cover of the gas station lane is only one quarter of that of the iron cover, and the project installation uses the light motor.
2. It has the function of preventing the car from jumping off the well seat after driving.
3. The strength is high, the tensile strength of FRP material is equal to Q235 steel, the compressive strength is more than twice as high as c30x, and the anti strike, anti vibration, anti fatigue and anti fracture functions are better than steel, iron and other materials. As the well cover with load-bearing layout, the well cover with quiet strength is more easily desirable than the well cover with iron.
4. The utility model avoids the hidden danger that the steel well cover is often stolen and sold as waste products, thus preventing the traffic disorder caused by people and vehicles falling into or stuck in the well, and increasing the economic loss and disorder responsibility of the owner.
5. It can be used as the wmanhole cover of acid, alkali, salt, sewage and other corrosive media. It has the advantages of skill and economic competition.
gas station manhole cover
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