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Why Choose Composite Material For Gas Station Manhole Cover

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In such an economically developed country, the development of manhole cover industry is more and more attractive. Now there are many kinds of manhole covers on the market, and each station has materials. If you want to ask about the manhole covers of gas stations, most of them are made of composite materials. Due to the particularity of the gas station, the requirements for the manhole cover of the gas station will be higher.
Although in the past, it was an era dominated by gray cast iron manhole covers and cement manhole covers. At that time, the economy was not developed enough, unlike now there are many kinds of manhole covers. The traditional gray cast iron manhole cover has always been a worrying problem, that is, theft.
Gas station covers are generally made of flame retardant FRP. There is also a lock. The upper cover can be locked after refueling. It's easy to install and move. At the same time, it also has the advantages of corrosion resistance, antistatic, anti-aging, bright color, beautiful appearance, light weight and so on. The following is a detailed introduction. After the gas station manhole cover is made of composite material, its installation and operation are light and flexible. It's also self-locking. The unique binding connection structure between the manhole cover and the well seat has the self-locking function of preventing the manhole cover from jumping out of the well seat after driving. The strength of gas station manhole cover is high, the tensile strength is equal to Q235 steel, the compressive strength is more than twice of c30x, the impact resistance, vibration resistance, fatigue and fracture performance are better than steel, iron and other materials, FRP material is natural corrosion resistance, commonly used as acid, alkali, salt, sewage and other corrosive media environment manhole cover.
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