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The Selection of FRP Tree Grating Through These Two Aspects

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In daily life, FRP tree grating is used in many places, and its use is also many, and the demand is also large. It can be used in municipal, road, school, will, etc. But how to choose high quality FRP tree grating is a problem that many people are struggling with. Zibo bester company has summarized some knowledge points, hoping to help you.
1. Materials
There are many manufacturers of FRP tree grating on the market. The specifications and product quality of each manufacturer are definitely different, so it is difficult for us to choose. The choice of this industrial product depends on raw materials and raw materials. The general raw materials are resin and glass fiber. According to a certain proportion of configuration, production and manufacturing. It is not excluded that some manufacturers steal work and reduce materials or use inferior raw materials, so we must carefully look at the raw materials and raw materials of the products.
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2. purpose
In addition to determining the raw materials and raw materials of the product, the use must be determined. Because of the different scenes, the use of FRP tree grating is also different. For example, if you are going to be able to pass a car, you need to buy products with higher bearing capacity. If it is used by some chemical plants, electrical equipment enterprises or sewage treatment enterprises, they pay more attention to their anticorrosive performance. So before you choose FRP tree grating, you should determine its main purpose.
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