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Many people ask about the advantages of composite covers
1 Environmental protection: high performance composite cover, all raw materials meet the requirements of environmental protection, will not produce any pollution to the environment. Saving mineral resources: in the current situation of increaseing shortage of domestic iron resources, our company developed composite cover to replace the traditional cast iron manhole cover.
2 Anti corrosion: the composite manhole cover produced by our company is acid resistant, alkali resistant, salt resistant and rust free. It can be used in a variety of harsh environmental conditions, and cast adapt to a wide range of temperatures: it can be used between - 50 ℃ and 150 ℃.
3 The weight of this product is only about two-thirds of that of cast iron, which is convenient for transportation, installation, maintenance and construction, and greatly reduces the labor intensity;
composite cover
4 Due to the special properties of the composite mateiral, the product has strong plastictly, beautiful appearance, strong coloring power and rich color transformation; full material coloring is used iinstead of spraying, the color is durable, the product surface is smooth.
5 Anti-theft: once the material is formed, it has no recycling value, and has natural anti-theft function, which fundamentally eliminates the theft behavior and makes up for the shortage of frequent theft of cast iron manhole cover causing safety accidents; this product is also equipped with a unique locking system independently developed by our company to realize the anti-theft of underground equipment and facilities. It can completely eliminate the "urban black hole"accident and bring great convenience to the management of municipal public departments;
6. Low noise: This product is made of non-metallic materials. There is no harsh metal impact sound when the car is rolling, so the noise pollution is greatly reduced.
7. Long service life. Tested by the national construction engineering quality supervision and inspection center, the product can withstand 2 million anti fatigue tests, and its service life can reach more than 30 years! It is the best substitute for cast iron well cover.
When selecting resin well cover, the following points should be paid attention to:
1. Determine the bearing capacity of the manhole cover;
2. Service life: the factors that affect the service life of composite manhole cover can be summarized as: the stability of matrix material, the stability of reinforcement material, the interface bonding effect in the process of material composite, the wear resistance and aging resistance of upper surface, service conditions and other factors.
3. Cost performance: due to the different material consumption of manhole cover with different bearing capacity, the material cost of manhole cover with the same bearing grade and specification is also different due to different performance.
4. Appearance value: beauty is valuable, especially in places with better cultural environment, such as real estate District, square, green belt, pedestrian street, etc.
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