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Performance of Telecom Cover

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The use scope of telecom cover is more and more extensive, and the application frequency is also higher and higher. We should pay attention to the correct operation method when setting construction, so that we can use it better. Let's understand the insulation performance of telecom cover.
The smaller of the conductivity of raw materials, with better resistance. There is also a correlation in some places, because the resistance of insulating materials is the largest. Compared with the dielectric constant, the dielectric loss angle of the insulating material is fangent to the dielectric constant, and the insulating material adopts the dielectric elements plate insulation and capacitor. Among them, the relatively small thermal conductivity is defined as the relative thermal conductivity, and the relatively large thermal conductivity is defined as the relatively large thermal conductiveity of the power cover. Of course, in this process, it is also a realtively small dielectric loss angle fault line, especially in some high-frequency and high-voltage insulation materials, the insulation material with less electrode damage will be selected. The performance of break down voltage and power is also very important, when the insulation material is damaged in a strong electric field, the conductive state will also distort the insulation loss, that is, breakdown. The above is about the insulation performance of the power plate. You can choose the appropriate method according to the actual construction requirements to avoid unnecessary losses caused by blind operation.
telecom cover
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