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Analysis Of Composite Trench Cover

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Trench cover plate is a kind of ground drainage building material that we are very familiar with. We usually have the following materials: cast iron trench cover plate, composite resin trench cover plate, cement trench cover plate and stainless steel trench cover plate. The first two are commonly used in high load areas, and the latter two are commonly used in low load areas. Today, we mainly talk about the composite resin trench cover, which is mainly made of high-performance composite materials. If it is a heavy trench cover plate, SMC material is long glass fiber with good toughness, high load bearing and high price. Their common characteristics are that the material has no recycling value, will not be stolen, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, insulation flame retardant, anti-static, anti-oxidation, long service life. Especially in gas stations, oil depots and other special areas with high load, insulation and anti-static are necessary, and the load bearing is also high, because every day there are large and small vehicles passing through, and the tank cars in oil depots are about 50 tons, and SMC heavy composite resin trench cover plate must be used, so its safety factor is very high.
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The function of trench cover plate is to drain water and speed up the drying speed of the ground, so as to ensure that we can travel normally in rainy and snowy weather; it can ventilate and exhaust odor to prevent the sewer from having peculiar smell; it can be designed according to the customer's drawings in a variety of ways, whether it is color, pattern, logo, plate, etc., which can be customized; the material has no recycling value, and has the characteristics of natural anti-theft; it is light in weight and easy to use It is convenient for installation and maintenance, simple production process, short construction period and mass production.
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