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The Features of SMC Drain Cover Are Analyzed By Zibo Manufacturer

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In the construction of drainage system, due to the defects of traditional brick drainage ditch are too many, the surface is rough and easy to accumulate ash, the cement is easy to fall off and block, the construction period is long, the leakage is easy, and the comprehensive cost is high, many places are no longer applicable. People prefer to use linear finished drains instead of traditional ones.
The inner wall of linear product drainage system is generally rough, with large water cross-section, easy to maintain the angle of birth and death, and is not easy to clean. The drainage performance is inferior to that of prefabricated linear drainage ditch. The commonly used materials are PE plastic material, resin concrete material and SMC material. SMC drain cover
One is drainage ditch material. SMC is an abbreviation for sheet, molded and composite materials. It is mainly made of SMC unsaturated polyester resin. Most of the components are derived from natural minerals such as quartz sand, basalt and granite. According to the different particle size and proportion, these crushed stone aggregates are mixed with other admixtures to form cementitious materials to form composite materials and form the main body of modular drainage ditch.
SMC material is a popular environmental protection material. It is widely used in the fields of poor fire resistance, poor corrosion resistance and easy aging of wood. It has absolute waterproof performance, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, long service life, high strength, impact resistance, smooth and so on.
In addition, SMC material has the advantages of high utilization rate, low production cost, continuous mechanized production, stable product quality, good operating environment and sanitary conditions, and strong designability.
SMC drain cover
Advantages of SMC drain cover plate:
Its compressive strength and flexural strength are 3-5 times of the traditional concrete.
It has strong acid and alkaline resistance, strong corrosion resistance and good resistance to biological sulfuric acid erosion and acid soil.
Due to the material reasons, the SMC drain cover plate has a long service life and obvious economic benefits.
The installation is simple, the installation time is shortened and the labor cost is reduced.
The surface is beautiful and generous. It's easy to maintain and color. It is not easy to accumulate sediment. Easy to clean without damage.
Water absorption is less than 0.1% of its weight, far less than wood and cement, and permeability is almost 0.
SMC drain cover plate is easy to install, bond, drill and cut because of its characteristics of easy adhesion and high water seal. It is convenient to process, drill and cut on site, and it will not cause performance change. It is beneficial to shorten and master the construction period.
With its unique advantages, SMC drain cover plate has been widely used in many fields, especially in pedestrian street, square and other projects.
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