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Composite Materials Telecom Inspection Cable Cover

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cable cover
1.Good anti-theft property: Because it has no secondary application value, this product adopts polymer composite materials. 
2. Convenient: It brings great convenience to assembly, inspection and protection. The weight of the same format product is only one third of the cast iron cover. And in accordance with customer requests to produce a variety of formats and colors of products, even in control, and beautify the city.
3. Long life: no rust, no fear of acid and alkali erosion. Electrical insulation, abrasion and weather resistance.
In order to improve the shock resistance of the cover, the elastic rubber gasket must be firmly bonded before installing the cover. This is to save enough space for the cover to reduce unnecessary damage. If this is not a simple step, it will have a serious impact on the cover, which will reduce the service life of the cover and even threaten the normal use of the cable. In addition, how to determine the cable cover specifications, you must also do it in advance. And after the cover is laid, relevant protective measures should be taken to ensure the safety of the cable line.
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