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The Performance of Tree Grating

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Tree grating installed in the tree pool can protect the root of trees, reduce water evaporation, reduce soil erosion and promote the growth of trees. The use of tree grating can make the tree pit (tree pool) parallel to the sidewalk, reduce the unsafe hidden danger of pedestrians tripping when walking, and improve the city's cultural grade and beautify the urban environment. Its characteristics are as follows: the product is beautiful, the surface pattern is clear, the pattern is lively and harmonious with the surrounding environment. It is novel and beautiful, depending on the construction site. Can be customized black, green, gray, red and other colors. It is widely used for beautification of urban roads, landscaping, parks, squares, and the protection of trees. The strength of the product is better than that of other kinds of tree grating (such as cement), which is not easy to be broken, has strong compression resistance, can be rolled by car, has long service life and high cost performance. Through the inspection of the authority department, it fully meets the requirements of the carrying capacity of the car. It is not easy to be deformed and broken. Anti aging, long use time, high cost performance, easy to lay the product in construction, and easy to cut in case of irregular conditions.
Advantages of FRP tree grating: it can protect the growth of trees, prevent soil erosion and stabilize the soil around trees. Different from cast iron tree pool grate, FRP has almost no recycling value, so it will not be stolen. Cutting, handling, installation are very convenient, and fixing is also very simple. Light weight and high strength, no need to replace regularly, saving resources, strong designability and wide application range. The special structure improves the irrigation efficiency of the staff, reduces the labor intensity and reduces the maintenance cost of trees. It has solved a variety of urban environmental problems such as sandstorm and dust, and achieved good economic and social benefits.
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