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The Cause of Manhole Cover Settlement

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1 Due to the large traffic load and the increasing number of heavy-duty vehicles, the long-term and frequent load of vehicles has an impact on the surrounding structure of the installation of inspection manhole cover on the road, resulting in looseness;
2 When the connection between the frame and the inspeciton cover seat is not stable enough, the concrete mortar at the joint part is damaged and lost, causing the manhole cover to sink;
In addition, the external traditional inspection frame acts directly on the brick inspection cover, which is easy to crush the inspection cover when the bearing capacity of the brick, inspection cover is insufficient;
3 In order to place the noise, ductile iron manhole covers are often installed with rubber strips, but after a long time, the rubber strips are easy to fall off or rot, and the sinking in the manhole cover ring will accelerate the overall sinking of the manhole cover. Although anti settlement nodular cast iorn manhole cover is used on the road at present, the force brought by the vehicles is dispersed by the wide edge, but the anti vibration rubber strip must be installed in the current manhole cover of ductile iron, and the phenomenon of the rubber strip roffting or failling off has not been solved.
manhole cover
SMC anti settlement manhole cover:
The settlement prevention effect is more obvious, which can effectively solve the settlement caused by the stress problem and the settlement caused by the adhesive tape problem;
Light weight, easy maintenance
Compared with ductile iron manhole cover, SMC sheet has more convenient maintenance and installation.
The purchase cost and installation cost are low.
Compared with nodular cast iron anti settlement manhole cover, SMC anti settlement manhole cover has the advantages of low cost, light weight, convenient installation and lower construction cost.
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