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How To Prevent Seepage of SMC Gas Station Manhole Cover

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Gas station manhole cover material selection: composite material, made by advanced technology. The oil tank manhole cover of gas station is adjustable in color and can not fade for life. Complete specifications, firm and durable, anti-theft, easy installation and other features. Gas station tank manhole cover has good sealing performance and anti-static function, which can effectively prevent oil and gas leakage and reduce the accident rate. Characteristics of FRP processing products: FRP processing products have fresh and bright colors, never fade, clear and permanent text patterns. The surface is smooth and smooth, waterproof and corrosion-proof, no oil stain, high strength, not easy to stick, easy to clean and disinfect. Strong and durable, long service life, low damage rate. It has many advantages, such as no maintenance cost, long-term use without peculiar smell, custom-made style, multi-choice color matching, large selection space and economic benefits.
SMC manhole cover
Cast iron and stainless steel manhole covers are easy to produce sparks, which are dangerous to gas stations. Therefore, cast iron and stainless steel manhole covers should not be used. The compound manhole cover of gas station has the advantages of high strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance, no static electricity and no spark.
Gas station manhole cover installation precautions:
Before installation, the foundation of gas station manhole cover should be neat and solid, and the inner diameter, length and width should be determined according to the size of gas station manhole cover. In the installation process, the conductive waterproof composite manhole cover and inlet sealing sleeve can achieve the sealing and waterproof effect of the whole system. It can withstand long-term immersion of pressure water, prevent water and debris from entering the well, effectively protect the special equipment of oil and gas stations such as oil pumps and valves in the well, and prevent oil and gas / leaked oil from penetrating into the surrounding soil, and thoroughly solve the problem of oil tank manhole of gas filling station in rainy season The potential risk of manhole and handhole well being soaked by rainwater intrusion.
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