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The Performance Of Gas Station Composite Manhole Cover

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gas station manhole cover
The product has the characteristics of sealing, flame retardant, anti-static, anti-corrosion, chemical solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance. It is specially used in the petroleum, petrochemical industry and gas stations all over the country.
The mrc9000 series of special conductive waterproof circular composite manhole cover is composed of composite manhole cover, composite well frame and waterproof sealing ring. The effective opening diameter of well frame is 900mm, which is commonly used in manhole cover in vehicle driving area of gas station front yard. Taking six wheeled truck as an example, it can bear the passage of 50t truck.
Airtight waterproof: conductive waterproof composite manhole cover and inlet sealing sleeve can achieve the sealing and waterproof effect of the whole system. It can withstand long-term immersion of pressurized water, prevent water and sundries from entering the well, effectively protect the special equipment of oil and gas stations such as oil pumps and valves in the well, and prevent oil and gas / accidental leakage from seeping into the surrounding soil, and thoroughly solve the problem of oil in gas stations in rainy season The potential risk of tank manhole inspection cover and handhole well being soaked by rainwater intrusion.
Electrostatic conduction: the surface has the function of conducting static electricity, which eliminates the potential risk of electric spark caused by static friction in gas filling station.
Corrosion resistance: the characteristics of FRP composite material endow the underground closed waterproof manhole cover system with high corrosion resistance. It can be used for a long time even in the corrosive environment of different acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents (oil, gas, etc.), which is suitable for the actual use environment of gas stations.
Aging resistance and long service life: it is made up of high quality matrix resin and anti-aging compound additives. The product has a durable anti-aging property, which can resist creep decay. It can maintain long surface gloss and continuous high strength, and its service life is more than 30 years.
Zibo Best Energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, which is one of the largest composite manhole cover manufacturer in China. Our products are strictly produced according to the BS EN124 and have obtained various kinds of certificates.
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