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SMC Anti Corrosion Distribution Box

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SMC anti-corrosive distribution box is widely used in automobile industry, railway vehicle, building engineering, electrical industry and communication engineering due to its strong formability and good aging resistance. The box made of SMC board products is used in the power equipment manufacturing industry to replace the metal distribution equipment box widely usesd in the power industry. Moreover, the SMC anti-corrosion distribution box has small specific gravity, excellent mechanical properties, glass fiber reinforced polyester material proportion between 1.7 and 2.0, light weight,high tensile strength, bending strength and impact strength.
Functional features
Special fiber reinforced polyester insulation material, also known as sheet molding compounds(SMC), is an unsaturated polyester glass fiber composite material made of unsatureated polyester resin as adhesive, adding glass fiber, filler, pigment and other additives, impregnationg glass fiber yarn and covering both siders with film. It has the followning significant advantages.
Insulation material, high safety factor. SMC has excellent electrical insulation performance, high insulation resistance and high power frequency dielectric strength.
High and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, beautiful environmental protection. SMC maintains good mechanical properties in a wide temperature range. It has good sunlight and ultraviolet resistance and good anti-aging properties. It is beautiful in appearance, environmental protection.
Flame retardant, low smoke, anti-corrosion and anti-theft. SMC material has good anti-corrosion performance, can resist the corrosion of dilute acid, alkali and salt, and has good resistance to a variety of organic solvents and sea water, it is useless to synthesize non-metallic materials.
Heat insulation material, good heat insulation effect. SMC is a kind of thermal insulation material, which can delay the influence of external environment temperature change on the internal temperature of the box.
Small specific gravity, excellent mechanical properties. The glass fiber reinforced polyester material has a specific gravity of 1.7-2.0 light weight, high tensile strength, bending strenght and impact strength.
No electromagnetic shielding. SMC is a non-metallic material, which has no electromagnetic shilding effect, does not reflect and block the transmission of microwave.
It is convenient for wireless communication and can be used for remote measurement and monitoring.
SMC distribution box
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