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How to Maintenance The Manhole Frame

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With the development of the times, the composite manhole cover industry standards are more and more strict, but due to the influence of some external factors, there will still be some problems, such as grass-roots fracture, we need to understand the cause of its causes, so as to make a reasonable solution.
1. in the construction of composite manhole cover, the cement self leveling water is too much, the frame is not cleaned up, the improper use of interface agent causes the surface water loss too fast, the dry shrinkage cracks, the water loss rapidly, the cement hydration reaction is not fully carried out, it will also produce the surface pulverization, and the improper later maintenance will also cause the bulge cracking.
2. The main problems of the base course are serious sand rising on the ground, low strength of the base course, cracking of the base course and hollowing, and cracks after heavy pressure.
3. Some composite manhole covers have the risk of cracking and bulging when the thickness of self leveling cement exceeds 5mm, which is caused by self leveling shrinkage expansion, while some workers do not know or care about the harm of shrinkage and expansion.
composite manhole cover
4. The greater the construction thickness, the greater the cumulative stress, the greater the risk of bulge cracking. When the construction thickness is less than 5.0 mm, the internal stress caused by this expansion and contraction is not enough to cause direct bulging.
After understanding the causes of the fracture of the base course of the composite well cover, we should consult the manufacturer for solutions in time, and take measures to save it in time, so as not to delay time and cause irreparable loss.
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