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Several Functions Of SMC Composite Manhole Cover

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Now manhole covers are everywhere in our lives, whether in the streets or our communities, manhole covers are not only sewage manhole cover, like electric manhole cover are also applied to our lives, convenient for us to use. After so many years of development, the manhole cover industry is constantly updated. In the past, many manhole cover problems no longer exist. Lt's take a look at the various functions for our SMC composite manhole cover.
Now, we use SMC composite manhole cover, on the basis of the original, through countless efforts to innovate and transform. SMC composite manhole cover has the advantages that the former manhole cover does not have.  Suitable for all kinds of situnations, long service life, good quality, maintainance easily. At present, most of SMC composite manhole covers on the market have the characteristics of anti-corrosion, strong compressive capacity and large bearing capacity. The total cost of materials used in the production process is much cheaper. It is important to have a good anti-theft system. SMC composite manhole cover has no steel structure. The whole cover body is made of new composite material and has no recycling value. In this way, the theft of SMC composite manhole cover is greatly avoided.
SMC composite manhole cover
SMC composite manhole cover has strong corrosion resistance. There is no need to worry about the damage os SMC composite manhole cover caused by long-term exposure to the sun and rain, which is easy to cause the powder damage of the manhole cover. Its bearing pressure is also our confidence, compression aspect is through the professional test, can withstand more than 40tons.
The above is a variety of functions of SMC composite manhole cover. Many of our concerns are shaped by continuous improvement. If you want to know more about SMC composite manhole cover products, pls contact us.
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