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Trench Cover And Manhole Cover For Long-Term Use In Harsh Corrosive Environment

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The resin trench cover made by our company is of good quality, smooth surface and no impurities. The cover is molded by high temperature molding, and has the advantages of high density, high hardness, high pressure, light weight, corrosion resistance and anti-aging.
The trench cover has certain requirements on the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the product, otherwise, the sealing property of the cover plate will be affected and the internal cable will be damaged.
In terms of corrosion resistance, the resin composite cover plate is the most superior, which can be used for a long time in the harsh corrosive environment of strong acid, strong alkali and organic solution.
In order to fundamentally solve the problem that cast iron manhole covers have been stolen for a long time, many manufacturers have developed many new anti-theft manhole covers from different materials. These composite manhole covers are concerned by users because they have no recycling value. With the development and successful application of composite manhole cover, users gradually recognize and accept it.
In the past two years, the production enterprises of composite manhole covers have sprung up after a spring rain. Due to the lack of national high-level standards, the product quality is uneven, and the potential problems are constantly exposed, which makes the majority of users really worried. Even the users and competent departments who just know and are interested in the composite manhole cover have doubts.
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Composite manhole cover can be divided into three categories, the first is concrete well cover, one is recycled resin manhole cover, and the other is reinforced resin well cover. Each of these three types has its own advantages and has been widely used in various fields.
First of all, let's talk about the concrete composite manhole cover. The concrete composite manhole cover is developed from the well cover at the beginning. It has a strong impact resistance, is one of the popular composite manhole covers, and its cost is low, anti-theft function is very strong, because its recycling value is not high. It is suitable for use in green belt area. Let's talk about the composite manhole cover with regenerated resin. As the name implies, it is composed of many waste materials. I don't need to say that the cost is very low. Through years of research by experts, it is found that the composite manhole cover with regenerated resin is a kind of manhole cover which is particularly beneficial to environmental protection, and is also favored by the majority of manufacturers.
Another is reinforced resin manhole cover, reinforced resin manhole cover is based on the regeneration resin composite manhole cover through development. Although it is developed on the basis of regenerated resin composite well cover, it is quite different from that of regenerated resin well cover in structure and technology. At present, reinforced resin manhole cover is widely used in China, mainly because of its strong advantages in technology and structure. Each kind of composite manhole cover has its advantages, I believe that you will slowly find out and understand in the process of using.
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