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Round Type 600mm Heavy Duty Drink Water SMC Manhole Cover

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As we know that the SMC composite manhole cover has widely used. Today let us introduce the festures of SMC manhole cover.
Our company SMC manhole cover with the handle life and shock rubber gasket.
SMC manhole cover
It has strong bearing capacity and is manufactured in strict accordance with the European standard EN124.At present, it can produce 600kn.
Long service life. through the high-performance resin, glass fiber and special production process formula, the penetration of resin in glass fiber is ensured, and the adhesiion between the two is greatly enhanced, so that the material does not produce internal damage under the service life is not less than 20yeaers.
The wear resistance is great, the reasonable structure design and the use of high wear resistance materials effectively prevent the wear of key parts of the product in the process of use, and its overall use effect is better than that of cast iron products.
Excellent aging resistance, the characteristics of the composite and the addition of special anti-ultraviolet additives make the manhole cover have excellent light and temperature resistance.
Good anti-theft performance, the product belongs to thermosetting composite material, which is reinforced by GMT continuous fiber, without reinforcement, and has no recycling value, which fundamentally solves the difficult problem of stolen cast iron manhole cover.
Strong appearance texture, can be made of various marble texture or according to the needs of users. Good artistic efffect, can be personalized design. With rich color, personalized and artistic effect.
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