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Load Capacity D400 Composite Grate and Frame

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Composite grate have the advantages of beautiful appearance, easy install, high specifications, and low cost. With the development of technology, resin materials and steel reinforecment have big improve. The advantages is that the weight is lighter and lower than cast iron.
Composite materials have become an indispensable part of the current stage, especially in the hardware industry, including good manhole cover, trench cover, cable cover, tree grating and other products that are inseparable from composite materials.
Its unique feature is that the material itself has no secondary use-value, which can greatly reduce the harm caused by theft of the product.
Drainage and water leakage are powerful, corrosion resistant, perfect performance and can be applied to special areas.
The material itself has no secondary use value. so there is no need to worry about theft when useing the composite grate. That's the outstanding feature.
composite grate
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