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What's SMC Raw Materials?

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We'll know that use good quality SMC raw material, the quality of SMC manhole cover is great. Today, let us introduce the SMC materials:
The raw materials of SMC are composed of synthetic resin, reinforcement materials and auxiliary materials.
(1) Synthetic resin synthetic resin is unsaturated polyester resin. Different unsaturated resins have a direct impact on the thickening effect, process characteristics, product properties, shrinkage and surface state of resin paste. SMC has the following requirements for unsaturated polyester resin:
① Low viscosity, good wettability to glass fiber;
② The same thickener has enough reactivity to meet the thickening requirements;
③ Fast curing, short production cycle and high efficiency;
④ The solidified product has enough hot strength to facilitate the hot demoulding of products;
⑤ The solidified product has enough toughness and will not crack when some deformation occurs;
⑥ Lower shrinkage.
(2) The reinforcing material is short cut glass fiber roving or raw silk. In the unsaturated polyester resin molding plastics, the reinforced materials used for SMC are only chopped glass fiber felt at present, but there are many reinforced materials used for premix, including chopped glass fiber, asbestos fiber, hemp and other various organic fibers. In SMC, the content of glass fiber can be adjusted between 5% and 50%.
(3) Auxiliary materials auxiliary materials include curing agent (initiator), surface treatment agent, thickener, low shrinkage additive, demoulding agent, colorant, filler and crosslinking agent.
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