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SMC Telecom Inspection Cover With High Grade Material

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telecom inspection cover
1. Material stacking should choose the right venue
If the telecom inspection cover is not placed in a suitable place, it is easy to cause damage. Therefore, after purchasing the materials, you must choose a flat, wide site to avoid placing the product together with other products to prevent damage to the product due to irregular stacking or crushing. This is the most basic precautionary measure. It must be done in place to prevent problems with the cover and affect subsequent use. As for the specification of the cable trench cover, you can also consult the customer service.
2. Precautions during construction
During the construction process, it must be strictly in accordance with the established construction specifications to ensure that the construction personnel will not touch the cover. If the construction needs to move the cover, be sure to handle it gently and do not cause unnecessary injury. To place the cover in the specified position, the cover cannot be damaged by the impact of the incorrect position.
High accuracy: The gap between the cover and the joint is small, because the product is molded by high temperature molding. Overcome the problems of "running, jumping, ringing" of cast iron and cement cable trench cover.
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