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SMC Manhole Cover With Quality and Special Design

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Application characteristics of manhole cover
1. The non through hole cover hole can lift the well cover more conveniently and quickly, and prevent the infiltration of rainwater and other sundries.
2. Stainless steel anti-theft nuts can ensure the safety of facilities in the well and the safety of pedestrians and vehicles on the well.
3. The anti-skid pattern can be customized to ensure that pedestrians and vehicles can pass safely in rainy and snowy weather.
4. The special designed groove and sealing strip can ensure the good sealing performance in the well and reduce the passing noise.
5. The signboard can be customized to remind the safety of pedestrians and help users achieve publicity effect.
6. The color can be selected, and the customer can choose the color according to the environment of the SMC manhole cover.
SMC manhole cover
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