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Composite Resin Trench Cover Load Capacity 50tons

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Composite resin trench cover is a special covering equipment for road drainage. Common materials are cast iron and composite resin. Resin drain cover has gradually replaced other materials. It can last for 20 to 30 years, and its size is designed according to its location, high load bearing, excellent drainage effect and unique anti-theft function.
composite resin trench cover
Cast iron trench cover plate has certain bearing capacity, but it is easy to be corroded, rusted, broken, stolen and other defects. In the process of installation and use, anti-corrosion treatment and anti-theft treatment should be done well, which requires certain maintenance costs, heavy weight, high transportation costs and labor costs. What are the characteristics of resin composite trench cover? The water leakage area is large, the toughness is strong, the bearing capacity is high, the resilience is good, the corrosion resistance, the high temperature resistance, the fire resistance and the static electricity prevention, the material has no recycling value, even if there is reinforcement in it, the cost of taking out the reinforcement is very high, there is no need; the appearance design is also very extensive, and the basis can meet all the needs of users. It can be used in gas stations, chemical plants and other flammable, explosive and corrosive dangerous areas.
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