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Sealant strip
PVC products are of low cost and excellent comprehensive performance. Our composite manhole cover products are equipped with various extruding strips and hoses. 
composite manhole cover
Its characteristics are as follows:
1. Light weight, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof, flame-retardant, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance;
2. stability, good dielectric properties, durability, aging resistance, easy melting and bonding.
3. The bending strength and impact toughness are strong, and the elongation is high when the fracture occurs;
4. Yes. It can be processed by kneading, mixing, pulling, pelletizing, extrusion or die-casting, etc. to meet the requirements of various profile specifications;
5. The surface is smooth, bright and decorative.
Application case of sealant strip
Use case of sealing strip for well cover
Mainly applicable to:
a. Anti collision adhesive strip used on various profiles and doors and windows;
b. All kinds of damping edge strips used in cabinets, partitions and special floors;
c. Shower room, bathroom, fitness equipment and other water-proof scraping and edge sealing strips;
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