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SMC Square Sewage Cover Made In China

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Product features:
1. The self weight is light, the weight of the resin composite sewage cover is only 1 / 4 of that of the iron cover, and the project installation and use of the opening and closing are light and flexible.
2. It has good self-locking performance, and has the self-locking function of preventing the well cover from jumping off the well seat after driving.
3. It has high strength. The tensile strength of FRP material is equivalent to that of Q235 steel, and its compressive strength is more than twice that of c30x. Its impact resistance, vibration, fatigue and fracture resistance are better than those of steel, iron and other materials. As a well cover of bearing structure, its strength and safety conditions are easier to meet than that of iron well cover.
4. Anti theft loss, FRP products have no waste recycling value, which can be used as well covers to avoid the hidden danger of steel well covers being stolen and sold as waste products, so as to prevent the traffic accidents caused by theft and loss of well covers, vehicle falling into or stuck in the well, and reduce the economic loss and accident liability of the owner.
5. It is corrosion-resistant. FRP material is naturally corrosion-resistant. It is used as the well cover of acid, alkali, salt, sewage and other corrosive medium environment, with technical and economic competitive advantages. The resin well cover is so popular that its comprehensive performance and economic index have surpassed the cast iron well cover, and it can also solve the problem of stolen cast iron well cover
It can reduce the consumption of resources and has important economic and social value. The resin well cover has the advantages of light weight, high strength, simple molding, low rolling noise, good chemical corrosion resistance, good acid and alkali resistance, beautiful appearance, etc. it has the advantages that the cast iron well cover does not have. The resin inspection well cover has exquisite surface pattern design, bright and adjustable color, beautifying the urban environment and convenient use, Light weight, no recovery value of resin inspection well cover, natural anti-theft, resin inspection well cover through scientific formula, advanced technology, perfect technical equipment, the product can be used normally in the environment of - 50 ° C - + 150 ° C, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, vehicle rolling resistance, long service life, in line with the resin well cover standard.
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