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Why Is Composite Sewer Cover An Ideal Substitute For Iron Cover

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Zibo bester energy-saving materials Co., Ltd. is a well-known production-oriented enterprise specializing in the production and sales of trench cover plates. Since its establishment on March 4, 2004, the company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "integrity, pragmatism and innovation". The trench cover supplied have been constantly innovating and developing with perfect planning and design, high-quality engineering quality and perfect after-sales service, taking root and expanding in the metal building materials industry To set a good example is a limited liability company that attaches great importance to public praise.
Why is composite manhole cover an ideal substitute for cast iron well cover? First of all, let's look at the difference between the composite well cover and the cast iron well cover:
1. Appearance: the compound manhole cover series products have bright and clean appearance, beautiful appearance, and can be colored and designed according to the design requirements. Cast iron well cover series products are easy to rust and be corroded, and the appearance effect is not good.
2. Weight: composite well cover series products are light, about one third of the same kind of cast iron well cover products.
3. Toughness: composite sewer cover series products have good toughness and are not easy to crack. Cast iron manhole cover series products are rigid, lack of toughness and easy to crack.
4. Vehicle operation: the cover and seat of composite sewer cover series products are closely combined, and the balance is free of warping, bouncing and other phenomena. The cover and seat of cast iron well cover series products are not closely connected, and the vehicle is easy to bounce when driving, and the noise is large.
5. Maintenance situation: because of its corrosion resistance, light weight, colorability, good airtightness and other characteristics, the composite well cover series products are easy to identify and daily open maintenance, effectively reducing the labor cost of maintenance and the expenditure of renewal cost. Cast iron well cover series products are heavy, easy to rust and corrosion, easy to lose, increased the maintenance difficulty and renewal cost.
6. Unit cost: the unit cost of composite well cover series products is 40% lower than that of cast iron well cover series products.
With its unique advantages, the compound well cover is gradually integrated into our urban life. Streets, urban main roads, garden communities, underground garages, factories and workshops, etc., all have their traces everywhere. Due to the strong designability of resin composite materials, corresponding specifications and shapes can be designed according to different intentions and requirements of users, and additional patterns or colors can be added. Once the products are in place with the infrastructure, their overall image will be more beautiful, and more coordinated with the surrounding environment. Its non recyclable and service life reduces the comprehensive cost of maintenance and use of the project to a very low level
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