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What should be paid attention to in the construction technology of cable trench cover? Cable trench cover construction must pay attention to both safety performance and aesthetic effects. Therefore, pay special attention to some technical points in the construction of the project so that the project can be done well. Now Zibo Best Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd. will tell you Let's take a look at the 4 points of cable trench cover construction technology. If you are a construction worker, you must take a closer look. I think it will be helpful to you.
What should be paid attention to in the construction technology of cable trench cover?
1. Make drawings in advance and carry out construction strictly in accordance with the drawings. Pay attention to the plane position, elevation, and flow direction of side trenches.
2. When removing the trench formwork, proceed slowly and slowly to avoid damaging the edges and corners of the trench. After the formwork is removed, cover it with felt or geotextile for health.
3. The side ditch cover should be mortared on the concrete side ditch wall during installation, and the top surface of the cross pavement should be brushed before construction. After the construction is completed, it should be covered in time to maintain health. Later release.
4. During the construction of the cable trench cover, the cast-in-situ concrete side ditch should be uniformly vibrated during pouring, and should not be vibrated at the same location for a long time; also pay attention to cleaning and flushing the concrete leaking on the pavement. It is strictly prohibited to pollute the pavement. .
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