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Technology Of Composite Sewer Cover

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The composite manhole cover has the following technical characteristics:
Composite sewer cover using polymer composite material
The manhole cover is light in weight, convenient for transportation and installation, and can greatly reduce labor intensity. The new resin manhole cover has very good anti-theft performance, because the synthetic resin material has no recycling value, effectively preventing the emergence of "urban black holes".
The compound manhole cover has high precision and corrosion resistance. After high temperature molding production, it has good acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, effectively extending the service life of the resin manhole cover.
Installation characteristics
First, in order to maintain the beautiful appearance of the cover, and the surface pattern and handwriting are clear, the manhole cover should be covered with sheet iron or wooden boards during the construction of asphalt pavement. The black manhole cover can also be used to brush the cover surface with waste engine oil to prevent asphalt from spraying on the manhole cover.
2.The masonry masonry of the manhole cover should be determined according to the size of the manhole cover designed by the design institute.The inner diameter, or length, width, and squareness of the manhole cover can also be determined by referring to the standard.Concrete protection rings with a width of 40cm are cast outside the manhole cover for maintenance The period should be more than 10 days.
3.When installing the manhole cover on the asphalt pavement, we must pay attention to avoid the construction machinery directly rolling the well seat.When the pavement is integrally cast, a hole slightly larger than the well seat should be reserved on the road surface and placed after the asphalt is paved.
4. After the well is cast or asphalt is laid in concrete, the well cover should be opened and cleaned in time to prevent mortar or asphalt from pouring the inspection well cover and the seat into one.
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