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What Are The Other Materials Of BMC Composite Well Cover?

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BMC composite manhole cover is a new type of environmental protection manhole cover, which uses unsaturated resin as the main material, steel bars as the framework, and strong reinforcement as the additional material. It is formed by high temperature pressing into the mold. All kinds of Shandong composite well covers, Shandong composite rainwater grates, Shandong composite water meter boxes, communication covers, power covers, trench covers and other products produced by our factory are in line with the relevant national design standards and the requirements of urban road technical specifications. All technical indicators have passed the inspection of construction quality supervision and inspection station and municipal inspection center. At the same time, it meets the European standard bsen124, and has been exported to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and other countries and regions in large quantities. This product has no reuse value, no noise pollution, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, cold resistance and other characteristics. It completely solves the problem of stolen well covers and puts an end to the black hole injury in the city. This product can be customized into square or circular shapes, as well as well as various well covers, such as: communication, sewage, tap water, rainwater, electricity, etc. And according to customer needs for personalized shape design, coloring. This product not only can replace the old cast iron well cover product, but also has the unique advantages of no reuse value, no impact noise, no rust, and can be colored at will. It is an active anti-theft product. Welcome to buy our products!
Its bearing capacity is close to or more than that of cast iron, that is, it has isotropic reinforcement. The most obvious defect of steel fiber reinforced concrete well cover is that it is heavy and difficult to open. Under the condition that the component weight of resin composite well cover is basically the same, the phenomenon of edge collapse is improved. It can replace the cast iron well cover in the residential area and green belt to use steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) well cover in the original reinforced concrete well cover It is improved and developed on the basis of cover, and the phenomenon of edge collapse is relatively serious in the use process. Because a large number of small steel fibers are evenly distributed in the concrete, the strength of steel fiber reinforced concrete well cover is 30% higher than that of ordinary concrete well cover under the same proportion. It is to add steel fiber with length of 10-20 mm into the concrete. The contact surface between steel fiber and concrete is very large, almost in The concrete is strengthened in all directions. Through the performance comparison of the well cover, it can be seen that the performance of the concrete is greatly improved, and the distribution is irregular and radial, Because the steel fiber reinforced concrete well cover has the advantages of low manufacturing cost, low recovery value and anti-theft, the general improvement measure is to add metal frame edge outside the well cover, the strength and surface crack resistance are close to the cast iron.
composite well cover
Compared with cast iron and other materials, BMC composite well cover of Zibo best energy saving materials Co., Ltd. has the following incomparable advantages:
1. Anti noise: the contact surface between the well cover and the well ring is machined to make it more consistent without abnormal noise.
2. Antiskid: diamond pattern is cast on the surface of manhole cover. The inspection well circle adopts the structure of ring and ring connection, and a cross bulge is set on the surface of the ring mouth to increase the friction coefficient, so as to increase the friction coefficient between the asphalt base material and the ring mouth after the auxiliary road.
3. Displacement prevention: due to the fixing of anchor bolts between the well circle and the ground (see the small round holes in the figure for fixing), the inspection well cover will not be staggered in the construction due to the rolling of the roller, so as to achieve the standard construction.
4. Fall prevention: a new type of five prevention manhole cover with a falling prevention grid inside to prevent people or other objects from falling and causing injury due to the loss of the manhole cover.
5. Anti theft: the well cover is equipped with a anti-theft cassette and a folding plate under the well circle to replace the anti-theft chain and completely play the role of anti-theft
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