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Where Can You Purchase Resin Manhole Covers

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The resin well cover is made of composite material. Compared with the traditional cast iron well cover, the resin well cover has the advantages of excellent fatigue resistance, damage safety, simple forming, low rolling noise, etc.. When the resin well cover is widely used, the black hole problem caused by stolen well cover will be solved. Different from the well cover on the market, it is pressed out by hydraulic press, with greater impact resistance. Resin composite well cover is made of glass fiber and resin as basic materials and curing agent and accelerator as auxiliary materials. It weighs two-thirds less than the cast iron well cover, has a service life of more than 20 years, twice as long as the cast iron well cover, and the price is only 80% of the cast iron well cover. At the same time, the well cover also has the characteristics of heat preservation and no noise.. Chifeng City Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute conducted load and impact strength tests on the well cover, and found that the load force of the well cover is 24 tons, and the impact strength of the well cover is higher than that of the ordinary well cover.
2、 Characteristics of resin manhole cover
1. Strong anti-theft performance: the resin composite well cover adopts unsaturated resin, glass fiber and steel framework, which are compounded by special production process and formed by high temperature grinding and pressure. The material has no recycling value and it is difficult to take out the reinforcement (the cost of reinforcement is higher than the price of reinforcement), so it has the main anti-theft function.
2. Large bearing capacity: special pot bottom structure is adopted at the bottom, which is ten times or even several times of the bearing area. The continuous reinforced fiber is used to ensure that the fiber and glass fiber cloth are integrated from the material, so that the product has enough bearing capacity and can meet or exceed the national standards.
3. Long service life: through the use of high-performance resin, glass fiber and special production process formula, the permeability of resin in glass fiber is ensured, the adhesive force of the two is greatly enhanced, and the material will not cause internal damage under cyclic load, thus ensuring the service life of the product and the same superiority of other resin composite well covers. Eliminate the shortcomings of poor adhesion.
4. Beautiful, practical and high-end: according to the needs of high-end customers, we make a personalized design of complex signs and multiple colors on the same well cover surface, making the design delicate, colorful and clear. And according to the needs of customers to produce and all kinds of stone pavement with the same color imitation stone
5. High temperature / low temperature resistance, good insulation, strong corrosion resistance: the product is corrosion-resistant, non-toxic and harmless. Without metal additives, it has real insulation effect. It can be used in complex, changeable and harsh places. The products are tested by the relevant departments of the state, and have obvious acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-aging indexes to reach and exceed the national standard.
6. Environmental protection, anti-skid and low noise: the product has no slip, abnormal noise and ear noise after rolling. At the same time, due to the light weight of the product and the high precision of the cover and seat buckle, the problems of "jumping, seeping, ring and displacement" of other manhole covers are overcome.
As an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, Zibo bester energy saving materials Co., Ltd. has the enterprise values of integrity, dedication, innovation and win-win. With professional products, integrity services, and a high sense of responsibility, we conscientiously produce each set of well covers according to the industry standards. We are not only the production well covers, but also the defenders of road safety! The company focuses on the R & D and production of high-tech environmental protection new material products, bases on the purpose of "serving the society with science and technology", devotes itself to the social goal and responsibility of "completely eliminating the city trap" and "all people work together to create a better home", and makes a contribution to "promoting urban civilization".
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