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What Is The Difference Between The Cable Cover And The Gully Grating

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The side of the gully grating is connected with the drainage pipe by a hole, and the bottom is provided with a downward extending seepage pipe, which can supplement the rainwater to the ground and drain the surplus rainwater through the drainage pipe, slow down the ground settlement and prevent the road from being flooded during the rainstorm. There is still a basket in the well, which can intercept the dirt and prevent the drainage pipe from being blocked, and is convenient for cleaning.
Well cover is used to cover roads or deep wells at home to prevent people or objects from falling. It can be divided into metal well cover, high-strength fiber cement concrete well cover, resin well cover, etc. according to the material. Generally, it is round. It can be used for green belts, sidewalks, motorways, docks, alleys, etc.
gully grating
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