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Study On The Structure of Nonmetal Manhole Cover

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With the rapid construction of large-scale infrastructure and urbanization, China has become the main consumer of building materials in the world. As a very important product of municipal infrastructure, manhole cover involves the safety and comfort of passers-by and driver as well as the aesthetic feeling of urban environment.
In today's people-oriented, comprehensive and coordinated sustainable development, the development of green municipal products is a positive response to the scientific concept of development, as well as the protection of the ecological environment, which is bound to save the earth for future resources. Cast iron manhole cover has high bearing capacity, wear resistance and durability. However, cast iron manhole cover has the following disadvantages:
With the acceleration of industrialization, the national energy is becoming more and more tense, and the price of steel raw materials is rising.
In the process of manufacturing cast iron well covers, the energy consumption is large and the environment is polluted to a certain extent.
The noise is caused by the collision between the support and the well cover, but the noise produced by the collision of the cast iron well cover is generally greater than that of the non-metal well cover, which affects the residents' lives.
The accident of iron well cover has happened, which has caused great danger to the city safety. Due to the extension of service life, the locked cast iron well cover is difficult to open due to corrosion and other reasons.
High quality non-metallic manhole covers have the following advantages:
1. Compared with the anti-theft of the gold manhole cover, the recovery value of the non-metal manhole cover is much lower (most of the non-metal manhole covers can only be crushed and used as fillers), which can solve the problem of the cover theft and eliminate the safety accidents;
2 test loads over 360kn - high quality composite manhole cover can select appropriate composite materials through optimization design and process control to meet the requirements of all conventional loads, and achieve high test load control through special design and process
3. Environmental protection: the non-metallic manhole cover is free of secondary pollution, corrosion, pollution and microorganism, so it should be said to be a green product;
4. Convenient maintenance - the quality non-metal composite inspection well cover is not only anti-theft, but also medium weight, with a weight of,, easy to open and easy to maintain;
5 no noise - non metal manhole cover and support well, not only prevent jumping and displacement, but also no noise during rolling;
6 anti static - most non-metallic manhole covers have very low conductivity and are insulating products. Can be used in special occasions (insulation);
7. Beautify the environment - the color of composite materials can be adjusted, the manhole cover can be personalized design, will not rust, good durability, can beautify the surrounding environment, improve the taste of the city.
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