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Color Of Compound Well Cover

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The surface design of the compound well cover has exquisite patterns, and it can produce various colors and appearances according to the requirements of customers, with good beautification effect. The composite well cover is limited to be formed once under high temperature and high pressure. The composite well cover produced by different manufacturers has different colors. How is the color of the composite well cover colored?
1. One is that after the composite well cover is made and shaped, special pigments can be used for drawing and coloring the well cover or well circle to increase the visual appreciation of the well cover and the surrounding environment and other artistic effects.
2. The other is to customize the overall color or pattern directly according to personal or environmental needs.
3. The second is to add a pattern to the model and then color it according to the pattern.
4. Chemical method: in a specific solution, the color of the film is formed by chemical oxidation, but the color of the product can be kept consistent only by the control of the reference telegram.
5. High temperature oxidation method: keep the workpiece within a certain process range and then immerse it in a specific molten salt. After a certain chemical reaction, a certain thickness of oxide film will be formed, thus showing a variety of different color well covers, which are used to cover roads or deep wells at home and prevent people or objects from falling. According to the material, it can be divided into metal well cover, fiber cement concrete well cover, resin well cover, etc. Generally round. It can be used in Greenbelt, sidewalk, motorway, wharf, lane, etc.
The resin well cover is made of polymer composite material and has no recovery value. The well cover of polymer resin composite material is composed of unsaturated resin, glass fiber and reinforced framework by special production process. The composition of resin can also be divided into synthesis.
1. The polymer well cover adopts layered composite technology to meet the requirements of structural innovation and raw material innovation. Different reinforcement materials are used in different parts of the well cover, so that the well cover has high bearing capacity, long service life and more market competitiveness.
2. According to the personalized needs of users, polymer manhole covers integrate graphic art, relief art and color art, and apply them on the surface of manhole covers to achieve artistic effect and originality, so as to improve the civilization level of all projects.
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