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The Features of Composite Trench Cover

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Product features of resin composite trench cover:
1. Resin composite trench cover is anti-aging, strong corrosion resistance and long service life;
2. The weight of the resin composite trench cover is easy to install, construct and maintain;
3. The product uses a lower density than cast iron composite material as the raw material and weighs about half of cast iron and cement products, which is convenient for installation, construction and maintenance. Products can be classified, colored and equipped according to different requirements. Resin power cover has good strength and large size span carrying capacity.
Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "sincere solidarity, sincere cooperation, and common development", the company always adheres to the business policy of "quality for life, customers for God" and a "unity, hard work, pioneering, and progressive" working attitude.
What should be paid attention to in the construction of trench cover?
One. Prepare drawings in advance and follow the drawings strictly. Pay attention to the plane position, elevation and flow direction of the side ditch.
two. Trench body formwork removal should be carried out slowly to avoid damaging the corners of the side ditch. After the formwork is removed, it should be covered with felt or geotextile in time and kept healthy.
three. When installing the side trench cover, use mortar to level the top of the concrete side trench wall. In addition, when constructing the pavement layer of a level crossing, the top surface of the cover plate should be chiseled. After the construction is completed, cover and maintain it in time, and release it when the concrete strength reaches 80%.
four. During the construction of the cable trench cover, the cast-in-situ concrete side ditch should be vibrated evenly, and it should not be vibrated at the same place for a long time; pay attention to cleaning and washing the leaked concrete on the road, and it is strictly prohibited to pollute the road.
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