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How Are Composite Manhole Covers Packaged During Transport?

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The composite manhole cover is a new type of manhole cover, and our common manhole cover is a cement manhole cover. The compound manhole cover is produced using a new composite material. Compared with the traditional manhole cover, it has many benefits, such as a smooth and beautiful appearance, and a variety of coloring and planning images. , Good resistance, not easy to crack, tight combination of cover and seat, balance without warping, bouncing and other phenomena, because it has corrosion resistance, light weight, can be colored, good airtightness and so on. In addition, the compound manhole cover is easy to identify and open and maintain daily, which effectively reduces the labor cost of maintenance and the cost of replacement. It is precisely because the composite manhole cover has so many benefits that it has been liked by more users. The following will briefly introduce the composite manhole cover for a wide range of users.
1. Before the equipment, the foundation of the manhole cover should be regular and stable, and the inner diameter and length and width should be determined according to the standard of the manhole cover.
2. In the composite manhole cover of cement pavement equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of concrete pouring on the masonry of the wellhead, and to set up a concrete maintenance circle on the periphery to protect
Keep for about 10 days.
3. In the composite manhole cover of asphalt pavement equipment, we must pay attention to avoid the machinery directly rolling the manhole cover and the manhole to avoid damage.
4. In order to maintain the beauty of the manhole cover and the clear handwriting and markings, be careful not to stain the manhole cover when pouring asphalt and cement on the road surface.
How are our common composite manhole covers packed?
The general packaging is bundling with trays and packing straps.The trays are divided into iron trays and wooden trays, which are mainly based on customer requirements.When the production is completed, the well covers are placed on the trays one by one. Put it 2 meters high. If the customer needs a wrapping film, put it on the wrapping film. If it is not needed, use a strapping strap to fix it directly. This packaging method is relatively stable, simple and time-saving, and the composite manhole cover is not easy to fall.In short, everything is It is the customer ’s convenience to protect the product from being damaged during transportation. In order to ensure the normal use of the composite manhole cover, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the quality of the composite manhole cover itself, but also to pay attention to the quality of the equipment of the manhole cover. Take into account whether the opening of the manhole cover is convenient and clean and beautiful.
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