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Gas Station Sewer Cover Dimension 350x500x60mm C250

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Resin sewer covers for heavy duty gas stations. A gas station is an area where all vehicles can pass in and out, and motorcycles, private cars, large trucks, semi-trailers, etc. will go in to refuel. Therefore, the bearing capacity of the manhole cover has reached a certain standard. The commonly used load levels are C250 and D400. The reason for choosing resin composite manhole cover is not only the high load bearing standard of the manhole cover, but also the outstanding characteristics of the material are very obvious. It has no recycling value and has natural anti-theft characteristics. The occurrence of the phenomenon, the toughness and strong bearing capacity are high, and the manhole cover can reach a certain load-bearing standard without the aid of steel bars. The gas station is a place that is banned from fire, non-smoking, flammable and explosive, and the oil is flammable. Therefore, the manhole cover used at the gas station must have the characteristics of insulation, anti-static and corrosion resistance. Resin manhole covers can fully demonstrate its characteristics. Many gas stations require well covers to have good sealing performance to prevent rainwater leakage. An inner cover is provided inside the well cover to protect the equipment safety and environmental sanitation in the well and prevent garbage, rain, sediment, and damage to the equipment from entering the well. Gas station manhole covers are not all double-layered. Double-layer manhole covers are only selected if the equipment in the well needs safety protection. If it is otherwise, a single cover is sufficient.
Gas station manhole cover
Zibo Best Energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd. has been established for 15 years, focusing on the production and development of smc manhole covers. There are hundreds of manhole cover molds. The manhole cover functions are more diversified. These are the manhole cover designs that many manufacturers have not considered now. In the future, we will also study more features to design higher-end manhole covers, keep up with the times, serve the public with quality, and escort road safety!
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