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How To Choose The Load Bearing Of Composite Trench Cover?

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Composite trench cover plates are widely used in platforms, walkways, trestles, trench covers, and seals in the fields of petrochemicals, power plants, water and sewage treatment plants, municipal engineering, and environmental sanitation engineering.
Sets, ladders, fences, guardrails, etc.
It is generally practical in factories and workshops. Due to its beautiful appearance, shiny surface, and no dirt, the trench cover itself has the advantages of ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, explosion protection, good anti-skid performance, and anti-dust accumulation. It has the characteristics of high strength, light structure, strong anti-corrosion ability, and durability. It does not accumulate rain or snow in rainy or snowy days, can self-clean, and is easy to maintain. Therefore, it has been widely used in recent years.
When purchasing a trench cover, the customer must first understand the model, format of the trench cover product (thickness, width and hole size of the grid plate), hemming method, size, quantity and appearance of the product. The trench cover is an economical and lightweight type, combined with the fixed platform specified by the British standard, and the specifications of the stairs and stairs. This is an ideal product in small span situations.
composite trench cover
First of all, know where the cover is placed, such as in a green area or on a road. The requirements for the strength of the cover plate on the green land are not high. Generally, the strength of the cover plate on the road is relatively high. The cover plate should be selected according to the road design drawing and pavement load requirements. The reinforced concrete cover plate is a more economical and practical choice. The thickness of the cover plate, the size and quantity of the reinforcement shall be related to the overall size and load capacity of the cover plate.
The SMC series trench cover products produced by Zibo Best Energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd. incorporate new technologies, new materials and new processes. They adopt high-strength new composite rainwater drain cover, which has been prepared, kneaded, high temperature and high pressure. Molded, has the characteristics of high density, good impact tensile strength, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, no noise, long life, etc., especially suitable for high and low temperature, acid and alkali, humidity and other conditions Places with high technical requirements for products.
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