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What Is The Load Capacity Of Resin Manhole Cover

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The manhole cover load capacity refers to the pressure test performed by a pressure testing machine in a unit area, which is usually 40 tons heavy. And if it ’s a passing car, a 5-axle heavy-duty truck gauge Calculation formula: 5 axes x 40 tons = 200 tons. With a gross vehicle weight of 200T, the heavy manhole cover can guarantee passage.
And some manufacturers have said that the technical parameters of 80-ton vehicles, if divided by 5 axles, then the manhole cover load from the factory: 80t / 5 = 16t, which indicates that the manhole cover load is only
16 tons.
Generally divided into circular and square. In urban road management, circular is generally used because the round manhole cover is not easy to tilt, which can better protect pedestrians and vehicles.
Performance characteristics of resin manhole cover:
1. High strength: It has high compressive, bending and impact strength, and has toughness. After long-term use, the product will not be crushed and damaged.
The end of the "urban black hole" accident.
2. Beautiful appearance: The design of the surface pattern of the inspection cover is exquisite, and the color is adjustable, which can beautify the urban environment.
3. Easy to use and light weight: The product weighs only about one third of cast iron, which is convenient for transportation, installation and repair, which greatly reduces labor intensity.
4. Anti-theft: Resin manhole covers have no recycling value and are natural anti-theft; according to customer needs, a locking structure is provided to prevent theft of property in the well.
5. Strong weather resistance: The resin manhole cover can be used normally in the environment of -50 ℃ ~ + 300 ℃ through scientific formula, advanced technology and perfect technical equipment.
6, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, rolling resistance of vehicles, long service life.
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