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What factors determine the price of composite covers

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Compound covers are already familiar to us, so what factors determine the price of compound covers? From the point of view of bearing capacity: the price of manhole cover with high bearing capacity is high, because the content of resin in the manhole cover with high bearing capacity is high, and the reinforcement fiber is used more, so the price is high. Bearing low manhole cover prices, the reason for the reverse. From the material point of view: SMC material manhole cover price is high, BMC material manhole cover price is low. Because of SMC manhole covers mainly by SMC sheet molding compound, it has strong toughness, high bearing capacity, compression capability is strong, good resilience, antistatic, flame retardant, good thermal stability, high intensity, long service life, high efficiency production, a series of advantages, compared with the traditional metal materials, with light weight, easy to machining, corrosion resistance, easy to install, transportation and other characteristics, so high load composite manhole cover must use the SMC materials. The obvious difference between SMC covers and BMC covers is that SMC covers can achieve high loads without reinforcement, whereas BMC covers require steel reinforcement to disperse gravity, as shown in the figure below. We can't pay too much attention to the price and ignore the quality problem, now there are many news accidents are related to the quality of the well cover, this child fell into the well, the car stuck in the wellhead and so on. A series of problems finally showed that this is not responsible for the manufacturer and the builder's unreasonable installation caused by, what is the carrying capacity of the road, it must use the bearing manhole cover, and the road cover must be installed with locking device to prevent the cover to flip over. As a manhole cover manufacturers, the sale of manhole covers is only a part of the more important is to make everyone can use the safety of manhole covers, so that our living standards can improve, society can be more harmonious.
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