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Why SMC Resin Manhole Covers Quickly Occupied the Market?

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At present, there are two types of resin manhole covers on the market, cast iron manhole covers and composite resin manhole covers. What are the characteristics of these two types of manhole covers? In terms of materials, resin manhole covers are composite manhole covers, while cast iron manhole covers are metal material manhole covers. From the point of view of the forming method of the manhole cover, the resin manhole cover is formed by high temperature compression molding, and the surface is smooth and flat. The cast iron manhole cover is formed by molten iron molten at high temperature. Resin manhole covers are characterized by strong toughness, high bearing capacity, high compression resistance, good resistance to destruction, strong corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, flame retardant antistatic, and good resilience. The cast iron manhole cover is a metal material with high bearing capacity and stable quality, but we know that metal is easily corroded, and it is easily corroded by long-term exposure to humid air, and the security and anti-theft measures are poor. Due to the high recycling value, it is easy to be damaged. Theft, so the installation and fixing work is more troublesome, requires layer-by-layer processing, and the comprehensive cost is high. The noise problem of cast iron manhole covers is also difficult to avoid, especially in residential areas. Pay attention to the noise problem of manhole covers. Small, relatively speaking, people are more willing to accept resin manhole covers, and cast iron manhole covers are prone to sparks during installation and maintenance. This is very dangerous for many flammable and explosive areas, especially gas stations. 
Resin manhole cover is a type with high bearing capacity in the compound manhole cover. It uses high-quality SMC sheet and is pressed and molded at one time after layered cloth pressing. It is characterized by strong toughness, strong anti-destructive force, and easy bearing capacity of 100 tons. It is suitable for Gas stations, cargo stations, airport runways and other high-load areas, its appearance is also very strong in design, whether it is color, pattern, logo, pattern, etc., can be customized to become a unique manhole in the eyes of everyone, well received by users and friends We like it. With the development of international trade, the export volume of manhole covers is also increasing year by year, and the export volume of SMC manhole covers is rising linearly. 
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