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Gas Station Round Manhole Cover 900mm With High Precision

Gas Station Round Manhole Cover 900mm With High Precision

Manhole Cover

Cover size:900mm
Clear opening:790mm
Frame size:1065mm
Load Rating: D400
Application: gas station/oil place and other high road
Material: SMC
manhole cover,sewer cover


The anti-theft manhole cover is mainly to prevent thieves from stealing the manhole cover and avoid pedestrian accidents. It mainly adopts six different kinds of anti-theft methods: first: iron chain connection method; second: with hinge; third: anti-rotation technique, fourth: the bolt-blocking technique; fifth: the lock key method; sixth: the fork joint linkage


Anti-sounding is mainly to prevent the car and pedestrian fire objects from escaping when they pass.


A flexible circlip is added between the manhole cover and the manhole cover to fix the manhole cover on the well ring, thus solving the problem of the manhole cover jumping.

4. fall prevention

The manhole cover and the well ring are connected together by folds, so that the problem of fall prevention is well solved.

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