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GRP Tree Grating Has Brought Great Convenience To Urban Construction

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With the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for living environment are higher and higher, and the awareness of green environmental protection is becoming more and more important. In recent years, greening and environmental protection, afforestation and protection of trees have become the responsibility of each of us.
Walking on the road, we can see that there are FRP tree grating on both sides of the road. Today, it has become an indispensable decorative material in urban greening. Because its raw material is composite material, it has no recycling value, fundamentally solves the man-made destruction behavior, and brings great convenience to relevant departments.
Urban greening is one of the important means of urban construction. In order to protect trees, the government began to use a large number of FRP tree boards to protect the roots from water loss.
tree grating
The application advantages of FRP tree grating are as follows
First, corrosion resistance. This product has good anti-corrosion performance and can be used for various chemical substances without being corroded. This feature also makes it a god of tree protection, which can protect trees from soil erosion and facilitate tree fertilization.
Second, the installation is convenient. The shape of FRP tree grating can be changed at will, and its volume is small. Therefore, it has certain advantages in installation. According to the different size and shape requirements of tree pit, different size and shape can be selected. Installation personnel can cut at will without affecting its performance.
Third, lightweight. Compared with steel, the biggest advantage of glass fiber reinforced plastics is its weight, which is much lighter than steel. It is easy to move, light in weight, convenient to support, reduce the installation cost and make installation more convenient
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