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Application of Composite Manhole Cover

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With the development of modern information technology, almost all the wires, heating pipes and gas pipes on our heads are buried underground. This is the time when manhole covers play an important role. Once the manhole cover is lost, the consequences are unimaginable. If the manhole cover is stolen or damaged, it will not only directly cause the loss of public property, but also cause irreparable personal injury and economic loss to the nearby pedestrians and vehicles. Once the manhole cover is damaged or stolen, if it is not handled in time, it will become a "city black hole", with great security risks If the cover is missing or damaged, it can alarm quickly. After receiving the alarm, the maintenance personnel of manhole cover can go to the site for treatment, which improves the operation and maintenance efficiency and quickly eliminates the hidden danger. The intelligent manhole cover produced by bester in Zibo can be monitored 24 hours a day, and the whole network can be positioned to monitor whether there is abnormal temperature under the manhole cover Whether the water level of the manhole cover exceeds the limit, whether the content of dangerous gases (combustible, carbon dioxide, toxic gas) exceeds the standard, and only the authorized manhole cover can be opened, otherwise it is illegal. The alarm shall be immediately given to the central control system, and the operation and maintenance personnel shall arrive at the site for treatment in time.
composite manhole cover
Trend development trend of manhole cover: composite manhole cover gradually replaces the traditional cast iron manhole cover, cement manhole cover and silicon plastic manhole cover. The SMC manhole cover produced by Zibo best energy saving material Co., Ltd. is widely welcomed. The SMC composite manhole cover mainly uses unsaturated resin as the main chemical raw material, and is composite modified by several materials. After molding, it not only has high strength, beautiful appearance, but also has electrical insulation performance Good, waterproof, aging resistant, acid and alkali resistant, high strength, anti-theft, impact resistance, wear resistance, not afraid of the sun and rain, antistatic, etc. Standard composite manhole cover, water grate and other series products have won the praise of the majority of users for their excellent quality, excellent performance and good after-sales service, and have become the selected products for municipal administration, electric power, telecommunication, tap water, gas, real estate and other departments in various regions.
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