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400x600x40mm Cable Manhole Cover BMC Materials

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cable manhole cover
Product Workshop
Production workshop is with strict management system, 15 years of high-quality production experience, high output but short production cycle, efficient and fast.
The trench cover can be mass-produced after the first piece confirmed.
Mold Workshop
With own mold processing workshop, we specialize in customizing diversified performance products for customers, fast and efficient!
BMC trench cover
The anti-theft manhole cover is mainly to prevent thieves from stealing the manhole cover and avoid pedestrian accidents. It mainly adopts six different kinds of anti-theft methods: first: iron chain connection method; second: with hinge; third: anti-rotation technique, fourth: the bolt-blocking technique; fifth: the lock key method; sixth: the fork joint linkage
A flexible cir-clip is added between the manhole cover and the manhole cover to fix the manhole cover on the well ring, thus solving the problem of the manhole cover jumping.
fall prevention
The manhole cover and the well ring are connected together by folds, so that the problem of fall prevention is well solved.
Zibo Best Energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented company, mainly engaged in resin manhole covers.
Founded in 2004, the company has been adhering to the spirit of "stable, hard work, responsibility", and provides customers with high-quality resin manhole covers based on the business philosophy of integrity and win-win.
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