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The Telecom Inspection Cover Color And Logo Customized

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The development of composite well covers, from the single through-hole design at the beginning to various designs now, the customer's pursuit of well covers is the driving force of our research and development of new well covers, which is inseparable from the hard work of every staff member.
First of all, customers find us and let us make a special manhole cover according to their requirements. This requires accurate communication between customers and engineers. Then, we go to the mold factory to communicate with the designers of the mold factory. Then, they go to the raw material factory to order materials, one link at a time.
Bearing requirements, sealing effect, ring handle, anti-corrosion and locking device of well cover need to be considered.
It takes a week for the mold factory to fix the material, three weeks for the mold factory to produce the mold, one day for the mold test to be completed, and one day for the customer to provide the sample. The whole process takes about a month to go down. In this period of time, our engineers need to keep in touch with the engineers of the mold factory, and solve the problems in time.
composite manhole cover
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