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Telecom Inspection Cover Have Big Attractive

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As an auxiliary facility of urban cable trench, the cover material of cable trench has been made of cast iron and cement for a long time. It affects the safety of use and has a short service life. So what are the advantages of the composite power inspection cover developed in recent years?
1. The resin inspection cover has strong corrosion resistance and long service life.
2. The weight of resin power cover plate is easy for installation, construction and maintenance. The product uses composite material with lower density than cast iron material as raw material, and its weight is about half of that of cast iron and cement products, which is convenient for installation, construction and maintenance.
3. The resin power cover plate is beautiful and generous. It can be colored and equipped with signs according to different requirements.
4. Resin power cover plate has strong toughness and large-scale span bearing capacity.
Whether a building material product has a development prospect depends on whether its functions are rich and diverse, whether its scope of application is wide, whether it has the characteristics that change with the changes of the environment, and whether the composite cover plate just meets these characteristics, which has a considerable potential for development. The composite well cover has various functions, strong anti-corrosion ability, strong compressive and load-bearing capacity, low manufacturing cost, no recycling value of the material itself, and can prevent theft. These characteristics are the reasons why the composite telecom inspection cover has been developing in the future for many years.
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