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What Are The Reasons For The Thickness Of The Compound Manhole Cover

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The use of composite manhole covers is generally selected according to the location, and the requirements of different locations are not the same. So what is the reason for the thickness of the composite manhole covers?
Manhole covers are important. Sometimes we see a large hole on a main road or a sewer, and this hole is stolen by someone who is cheap and has no conscience. After stealing, they will sell it and earn some money, but they do n’t know it. This has brought a lot of inconvenience to our lives. It may be that some people who drive do not notice and fall into it because of the loss of manhole covers This hole is very dangerous. At the same time, if the manhole cover above the sewer is stolen, a large odor may be scattered in the air, which will cause some pollution to the environment.
compound manhole cover
However, although the compound manhole cover sacrifices itself, it can well protect the citizens' driving safety. Because it has no metal components, it has no great value for stealing. It is very difficult to steal a little steel from the inside to sell, so it is very good to choose this kind of compound manhole cover.
Manhole covers are available in thickness and thickness, depending on the diameter and bearing pressure you need. It is as thin as 4 cm. It is as thick as 20 cm, and ordinary D400 / E500 12-15 cm thick is enough for road-like driving.
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