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Polymer Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Tree Grate|Tree Grate

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Product Features:
1.Corrosion resistance
It has good corrosion resistance of many media such as acid and alkali, organic solvents and salts, and has good corrosion resistance. Consumers can economically choose to use o-benzene, m-benzene or vinyl-based resins as the base material when purchasing according to the requirements of the actual use occasion.
2. Lightweight and easy to cut and install.
Because the tree twig is made of resin and glass fiber, its density is small, not more than 2 kg per cubic decimeter, only 1/4 of steel, and 2/3 of aluminum. Its strength is 10 times that of rigid polyvinyl chloride, and its strength exceeds the level of aluminum and ordinary steel. Its light weight can greatly reduce the foundation support, thereby reducing the material cost of the project. Its cutting and installation is simple, no fire and large lifting equipment are needed, and a small amount of manual and electric tools are needed, which greatly reduces the installation cost.
Theoretically, its service life is more than 50 years.
4, flame retardant
Has excellent electrical insulation, no breakdown at 10KV voltage; no electromagnetic properties, can be used on magnetic sensitive equipment; FRP grid structure also has non-slip characteristics.
6, Color can be selected arbitrarily, can be customized according to customer's requirements
7. Has better comprehensive economic benefits
8.Strong designability
Polymer glass fiber reinforced plastic tree fence produced by Zibo Best Energy Saving Material Co., Ltd.
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